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Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC)

The Patrol Leaders' Council, or PLC, is responsible for planning and conducting the troop's activities. Good troops are run by the Scouts with guidance and advice from the adults serving the Scouts. The PLC is the means by which the troop is run by Scouts. The PLC is an opportunity to learn about leadership not by reading, but by practicing.

The PLC is responsible for planning troop activities and keeping the troop focused on its schedule and goals. The PLC meets usually on the last Monday of the month but can be scheduled anytime the PLC decides that a meeting is needed.

Members Of The PLC

Great organizations have great leadership and a Scout troop is no exception. Scouts will get out of the troop what they are willing to put into it and leadership is the key to making an organization, and this troop, a success.

The PLC is made up of:

  • the senior patrol leader who presides over the PLC meetings,
  • the assistant senior patrol leader who presides in the SPL's absence,
  • all patrol leaders who represent their patrol's and reports the information from meetings to their patrol,
  • the scribe who created the agendas with the SPL and takes the minutes of the meeting, and
  • the troop guide who attends the meeting with the patrol leader from the new Scout patrol.

The Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters working with the patrol leaders also attend to offer advice and guidance. The patrol leaders' council plans the yearly troop program at the annual troop program planning conference. It then meets monthly to fine-tune the plans for the upcoming month.

At any time the PLC may request that a Scout in position of responsibility attend the PLC to report what they are doing. An example may be the Quartermaster providing a report on the condition of the equipment or the librarian reporting on which resources the troop has and needs to acquire.

Responsinilities Of The PLC

The expectations of the PLC meeting are:

  • the PLC will be run by the SPL,
  • the PLC will be attended by all members,
  • the PLC will be run by rules of good meetings and will include an agenda, be focused, on track and accomplish the goal,
  • Goal - planning all aspects and activities for the month ahead including identifying the activities, schedule and action items,
  • the PLC will identify problems in the troop such as lack of advancement, issues for adult leadership and any other perceived problems,
  • the PLC will bring new ideas to the troop including recruitment, scheduled events, new camping locations, meeting themes, guest speakers and more.

Planning Resources

Here are some resources to help the PLC plan an exciting program.

Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews bring together 48 features to help making program planning easier for unit and youth leaders. The online version puts interactive planning resources at your finger tips or download each of the volumes individually to print and share.

Troop Guide Lesson Plans For Training New Scouts are skill teaching sessions intended to help you guide the scouts in your charge. As a Troop Guide, your main goal is to make the first year of scouting a successful, fun, growing experience for the newest scouts in our troop. Giving them an excellent adventure right off the start will help ensure the health of our troop and advancement of the individual scouts.


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